Become A Highly Recognised Digital Leader In Your Industry By Leading Your Agile Transformation
The Agility Pillar contains all the know-how necessary for an executive leader to understand what is required to lead an Agile Transformation in any organisation.
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What Will You Learn

How To Create An Agile Company

You will learn how to create an organisation that’s able to change business priorities, fast and efficiently and learn the common barriers to managing the business’ changing priorities.

Agile Transformation Roadmap

Agile Transformations are in the agenda of every executive leader but few actually know where to start, in this module you will learn a super simple but effective way to start your Agile Transformation that will lead you to success.

Agile Transformation Mistakes

Everyone talks about Agile Transformations but very few teaches what can and most probably will go wrong with your Agile Transformation, in this module you will learn what are the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

How To Release The Right Products

Releasing non-viable products to the market when there is little,
or no demand is a waste of time and resources, in this module, you will learn how to build an organisation that builds products that customers want.

How To Choose The Right Agile Methods

In today´s world, there is a huge number of Agile Methodologies that you can apply in your organisation, this module will teach you the most common Agile Methodologies and the differences between them!

Much More...

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Your Host
Luis Gonçalves is a founder and managing director at Evolution4All, a fast-growing management consulting company.

Luis spent most of his career helping organisations become more Agile with different roles in different organisations.

Luis is able to work with all different layers of the organisation making himself and his company a perfect partner for any organisational transformation.

He is dedicated to helping executives to build digital product organisations that are able to survive and flourish in any market conditions.

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